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Friday, May 21, 2010

Cross 2 off my list!

Tie Rods
Tires & Rims
Steering wheel
and exhaust...

Pictures and info on it coming soon! Can't wait for the weekend!!! Woot Woot!

Yo Nancy! What's up with your car????
Here's a quick overview of what has happen to me in the past couple of weeks since I got my car back. Everything is fine with the motor, but everything else seems like its falling apart lol. So about 2 weeks ago the car started over heating on me. Me and my buddy Rosa was stranded on the hottest day ever in May with a car that was overheating. To make matters worst the heater blew out cool air! I basically kept on turning the car off and on as I drove home and just let it rolled on neutral every time I got that chance. I popped open the hood and saw that a hose was cracked and it was spraying out radiator fluid. Two days later I finally got the hose replace...started up the car for 30 min everything seems fine and suddenly it started over heating again. WTF! Yes I was pretty darn piss! Dang BF gave up on the car and my heart just sank...we let Ralphy sit for about a week and didn't feel like taking a look at him at all...I kept on saying over and over in my head...WE JUST GOT THE DAMN CAR BACK! When we finally got some hope back in our hearts we found out that he was out of radiator fluids hehe (I know we should've checked that out from the beginning)

However 5 days a go as I was driving I started hearing a clicking noise on the driver side wheel, I assume it was the tie rod since he told me we needed new ones....Norak decided to test it out yesterday and found out the wheel was wobbling OMFG! What now!.........To be Cont'

As for now I would like to introduce you to my first ever running 240...this car right here that I am about to show you changed my mind about any other cars....My first manual car....oh how I miss it...he changed my life, for the better or should I say for the rear way...
I miss my old coupe :(