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Monday, March 29, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


240sx, WHY WON'T YOU START????

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dang BF...

As of right now I'm too lazy to fix my car, therefore if I do need to drive it I need to carry at least 3 spare battery with me if I want to make it back home XD

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day

Why is it that I always have the worst luck on St. Patricks Day? So my car decided that it wants to drain all my battery power...2nd time already...first time we changed the alternator...what is it this time?? I need help, I need money, I need most of my problems to please go away. Funny how it happen... I drove the car fine...but right when Norak drove it and than started to complain about how shitty the motor is blah blahblah....the car completely shut off on the road...I think his feelings got hurt :( Wish me luck...since I don't want to sell my car I guess I just got to put more money into it...

I hope I can make it to the 240 meet :(

However, my fog lights came in..that should motivate me to fix my car!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Well this weekend was Cars and Coffee. Usually me and my main squeeze just take one car and go together. However he wanted me to bring out the 240 and he wanted to bring out his rx7. Sigh -_-'' I hate driving on he highway and especially that big Dames point bridge! Been here for almost 3 years no wand only driven on that bridge twice myself lol. I try to avoid it as much as I can... but too late the bf insist so I just sucked it up and drove....So here we go driving, me and the 2 teggy and the 7. I was 2nd in line on the highway. No speeding for anxiety were kicking in I wanted to stay away from many cars as possible. Always had this fear of highway ever since I nearly died 2 years ago. Stupid lady fell asleep at the wheel and was going about 100 on the highway and ram the back of my sentra! My poor baby I didn't even own it for a year :( Ok back to the topic...well we finally got to cars and coffee...uh...honey where are all the cars?? WTF so as we sat there in the parking lot looking like 4 idiots we decided to go get a car wash down at southside. Sigh, here we go again back to sharing the road with a bunch of wreck less drivers. So as everyone cuts me off and leaves me at a red light...I came to realize I was going about 90 and still didn't catch up...the bf said he was only going bout 70-80...ok my car is def lagging... soooo disappointed! Anywho let me just finish the story, after the car wash! (Note: first time driving my 240 into a car wash myself! Can I get a woot woot!) <--- I'm also terrified of those drive thru car wash :( I went online, went on the and notice a new thread about Cars and Coffee... turns out they moved to southside! What! I was just there!!!!! Right down the street getting a car wash! OHMYGAHHHHHH!! I just had to however not so happy...but whatever, I conquered my fear of highways,bridges,car wash, this weekend and I'm so proud of myself!

I know its silly, I've been driving since I was 17 and I'm 22 now...5 years of driving and still afraid of highways?? When I look at my sentra pix, I still cant believe I'm sitting here...our car swerved into the middle of the highway facing the other direction...lucky we landed in the median and there weren't any guard rails...My Dad, BF, Sumo, and I walked out with just minor scratches and sprains...Yes we were extremely lucky...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Beau!

Took me about 1 year to fall back in love with this car after it gave me sooo many issues. So close to giving up on it and just letting it go. But this year I knew I had to make a change. Not every girl will give in to a 93 Nissan 240sx but what can I say I'm not every girl. It definitely cleared out my bank account but now that I am starting to feel "one" with it (lol) I hope she starts to treat me good. Too bad we are neglecting the RX7 :( But Its my 240's turn to look purrtty!
Fog lights will be in soon! I have to say I loved keeping everything stock which is probably the main reason I didn't want to do anything to it. But too many people "guys" kept on asking "When the hell are you gonna fix up your car?"

Just got my side skirt

Need to get brand new tires

Oil change this week is a must

More Pix To Come!!